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Prof. Jürgen Groll featured in the German press "Medizin & Technik" 6/2014

Prof. Jürgen Groll, the project leader of HydroZONES was mentioned in Medizin&Technik with its Department for Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry (FMZ) as leading research institute with specific focus on...[more]


HydroZONES mentioned on BBC

BBC interviewed Prof. Wouter Dhert and Jos Malda from UMCU Utrecht on 3D printing. The whole video can be watched here. [more]


2nd HydroZONES Training Course Utrecht, 21-23 May 2014

The 2nd HydroZONES three day Training Course was held in Utrecht on 21- 23 May 2014 at partner 5 UMCU in collaboration with partner 6 UU and partner 13 PROSPA. The first day took place at ProtoSpace and focused on  3D design...[more]


HydroZONES on the Innovation for Health Expo in Amsterdam, 11 February 2014

HydroZONES was represented (together with 40 other companies and non-profit institutions) at the Health Expo in Amsterdam and attracted significant attention and yielded about 35 in-depth discussions about the project. By...[more]


1st HydroZONES Training Course Würzburg, 28-29 November 2013

The 1st HydroZONES Training Course on “Quality Management, accredited Testing and Issues of Intellectual Property” was organized by partner 1 UKW together with partner 12 HCS between 27- 29 November 2013. The following topics...[more]


HydroZONES in the German FOCUS Magazine

Prof. Jürgen Groll was interviewed for the German popular magazine FOCUS Gesundheit, which dedicated a whole issue to the topic of bones and joints. The project leader presented the work of the Würzburg team in the field of...[more]

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