WP04 – 3D in vitro assay and test system


The objective of WP04 is to establish and modify a 3D in vitro model and bioreactor system to evaluate chondral regeneration, as well as cell-material interaction and material induced cell migration and differentiation under physiological conditions in a bioreactor system. In addition, a suite of new mathematical models will be developed and validated, together with robust and efficient computational tools that allow simulation of chondral regeneration in vitro and in vivo. The in silico and in vitro models developed will be standardised and validated with the in vivo results of WP05 and WP06. Finally, the theoretical models will be adopted to identify those aspects of material and construct design that have the greatest influence on in vivo integration and long-term functionality.

Workpackage Description

The overall aim of WP04 is to create a 3D in-vitro test system that can be used to evaluate new cartilage repair treatments and study mechanisms in a controlled and standardized environment. The established test system should present in the future an alternative for animal models. It is based on porcine cartilage bone biopsies that are cultured under dynamic conditions in a specially designed bioreactor system.

To evaluate the optimal perfusion rate and mechanical forces that should be applied to the test system a mathematical model will be developed and validated.

The test system should simulate conditions of a natural knee joint to explore influence and integration of different biomaterials that are developed for cartilage repair before they are used as a transplant in human organisms. With the established model current treatments of cartilage defects as well as in development of new repair strategies can be studied.

WP Leader

University Hospital Wόrzburg

Prof. Dr. Heike Walles